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New Student / Transfer Student Form

    The South Carolina Independent School Association

    Form 3 - New Student / Transfer Student Form

  • New Student / Transfer Student: This form must be completed on all “new to your school” students who play a varsity sport.

    Summary of Transfer Rules

    A student who transfers after having: A. attended one class or B. filed the Agreement for Participation during the defined sports season or practices with the team on or after the first official practice date must wait sixty (60) days to become eligible. This may be waived for a bonafide change in residence. Bona fide means: The move must be with the intent of being permanent. The entire household must be moved into the new residence. The original residence must be clearly closed as the residence of the family and must not be used by the family.

    The Sixty Days may be waived following league/Committee review if all of the following conditions are met to the satisfaction of the Committee at its sole and absolute discretion for a non-member to member transfer:
              A. The student has completed a Transfer Form;
              B. The parents provide a statement detailing the reason for the transfer;
              C. The student enrolls in the SCISA member school on or before: 1. September 15th for fall sports; 2. January 8th for winter sports (the end of the first semester).
              D. If approved, a transfer must participate in ten (10) days of practice before he/she is allowed to participate in a game.
              E. Second-semester transfers are subjected to the Sixty Day Rule (transfers after January 8th/end of the 1st semester).

    A transfer must have attended classes for thirty days prior to the start of the play-offs to be eligible to participate in the play-offs.

    An academically eligible transfer student (school year transfer as defined above) must have been eligible to represent his/her former school under any school, student, or athletic policy that was in place when the student transferred or the student must wait for ninety (90) calendar days to become eligible.

    Recruiting and Financial Assistance

    The recruiting or proselytizing of student-athletes shall be considered a violation of the spirit and philosophy of the rules and regulations governing SCISA Athletics and considered unsportsmanlike conduct. A student should not be subjected to undue influence or any special inducement by any person or group in an attempt to entice the student to transfer primarily for athletic purposes. Recruitment in this manner shall cause the student to be ineligible upon transfer and shall jeopardize the standing of the school in the Association.

    Recruitment & Financial Assistance Questionnaire: To be completed by the parents/guardian


  • Change To A New School Questionnaire: To be completed by the parents/guardian

  • I verify that I have read the Summary of Transfer Rules and the Recruiting/Financial Assistance Policy and that the information that I am providing is true and accurate.