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    Becca Kilroy

    Jr. Crusaders Director
Mission Statement: To introduce athletics, invest in our elementary, and inspire the Curtis community.

What are Jr. Crusaders? Our vision for Jr. Crusaders began about 14 years ago when our oldest
first got involved in rec. League athletics. The Lord has chosen to move our family nine times in the last
19 years, crisscrossing the country. This has allowed us the opportunity to be involved in Upward,
recreational, and AAU types of organizations. During those moves, we have also been in 6 different
churches and Christian schools. We have been pleased to see what works and where other programs
lack. Jr. Crusaders is a combination of all of our experiences. It allows us to emphasize Christ and
relationship building while developing emerging talent and interest in athletics.

Our goal with Jr. Crusaders is threefold. First, we want to introduce athletics beginning at
younger ages. Studies have shown that more exposure young children receive to organized sports helps
develop coordination and communication skills.

Secondly, investing in our elementary families and students is always great. Typically, small
Christian schools have a decent amount of turnover after 5 th grade. We want our MS and HS numbers to
stay steady through those transitional years. Athletics is a fantastic way to keep students. If students
start playing on teams together in first, second, and third grade, they will be a well-developed team by
the time they reach middle school in fifth grade. They know how to communicate with one another,
and the families have had an opportunity to bond over a few years on Saturday mornings.

Finally, inspiring the Curtis community would be our primary goal. As a Christian school, we have
the fantastic opportunity to share Christ on all platforms. Although our school is Christian, not all of our
children have home churches or daily exposure to Jesus in their homes. Jr. Crusaders is one more
opportunity to reach the student and the family. It will allow us to intentionally share Christ with the
entire family, not just our students. Jr. Crusaders is also a chance for parents to build relationships
outside class parties. Strengthening our Curtis family fellowship with certainly build up our community.

Execution: Saturday Mornings, 9-12
Ages: K5-4th
Cost: $40 per student/ or $60 per family
Our cost provides them with a t-shirt/Jersey, end-of-the-season medals, and end of the season(s) Jr.
Crusader Bash, sports equipment (over-the-goal baskets, soccer nets, etc.…)
Needs: Parent Coaches, Parent Refs, Varsity Team assistant coaches/refs, Score Board
Sports offered: ANY!
Basketball: late Jan-early March (5/6 weeks)
Soccer: Mid March-May (5 weeks)


Becca Kilroy