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Middle School Classes

The middle school is designed for students making the transition from childhood to adolescence. Because this stage of a child’s development has specific needs, our middle school has embraced a true middle school concept designed to meet those needs. Our curriculum is a “living curriculum”, meaning it is hands-on, teacher-driven rather than textbook-driven, and integrated.

The foundation for our middle school is Curtis Baptist School’s mission and philosophy. Our chief aim is to instill in our students the never-changing principles that Jesus is Lord—over their lives, over history, and over the world. At the same time, we expect students to develop their academic skills to the highest possible level so that they can take their places in an ever-changing world.

Common planning for teacher teams enables our staff to regularly assess student academic progress and behavior, meet with parents in a convenient setting, develop long and short-range projects, plan school trips, activities, and events, expand Christian-based curriculum using interdisciplinary techniques, address new instructional strategies, and encourage teacher collaboration toward meeting your child’s needs.

Curtis Baptist Middle School is well known throughout the CSRA for our…

Developmentally appropriate, yet challenging curriculum
Qualified staff with over fifty years of experience
Life skills such as study skills and character development
Annual trips to Tybee Island, Charleston, and Washington, D.C.
Physical fitness and health
Called Christian teachers
Exploratory electives such as drama, art, and computer.
Physical Fitness and Health
Technology Instruction in grades 6-8
Character training and Bible instruction
Computer support for academic subjects
Duke University Talent Identification Program State Finalist (3 of last 4 years)
ACSI Math Olympics (consistently place in the top three)
Community Outreach Involvement – Project Linus, Ronald McDonald House, Garden City
Rescue Mission and many others

A prime consideration of the middle school faculty is the role of youth in their peer groups. While we are chiefly a school, not a youth ministry, we seek to make education relevant to the needs and interests of the students and to provide opportunities for students to realize their places in the body of Christ. Opportunities for leadership, service, exploration, and worship are given weekly through service clubs, sports, chapel teams, elective classes, and mission projects.